golden eomma • 엄마 • oh-ma • mom

an ode to founder cam kennedy's korean roots, a reclaiming of her complex mixed identity

as if a dream that's been manifesting itself for decades, golden eomma came spontaneously to reality on a day as same as any other. an obvious shift to create a space where individuals and families can find deep connection to the natural rhythms in the everyday moments in their homes. a beckoning to find the whimsy in the ordinary. to grasp at any small moment that can become a simple ritual.

similar to an unexpected glimpse of the moon, the scent of wildflowers in the air on a spring day, or puffy cotton clouds fixed in a powder blue sky, a calling to find gratitude in the smallest moments.

we offer botanically hand dyed silks made right in our home and other intentionally selected home goods and adornments from other artists. a selection of thoughtfully sourced self care items and an offering of waldorf inspired children's things, a curation that is worthy of being cared for. all made with intentional care in quality and items that will withstand yearly trends and daily use.

lastly, we love the earth and we want to find every opportunity to love on her. we will always have earth at the front of our minds when selecting items and brands. we also ask that you, as a consumer, are mindful of what you select. we always want to encourage our community to not buy in excess. although we are a retail store, we value the benefits that living minimalist have for our mother, over selling an excess of things. we also believe that to live with less allows us more space to be present and to feel a new depth of gratitude in our spaces.

thank you for being here