breathe loose leaf tea
breathe loose leaf tea
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breathe loose leaf tea

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Sea Palm Seaweed, Peppermint, Oregano, Elderberry, Orange Peel

4 oz pouch

Net Wt 57g/2oz

Infuse 2g tea in 8oz water

Ingredients from land and sea to soothe and support your respiratory system. Sea Palm Seaweed - Moistens the mucus membranes, incredibly mineral rich. Peppermint - The menthol works as a decongestant by shrinking swollen membranes in the nasal passage and helps loosen mucus that has collected in the lungs. Oregano - A powerful antimicrobial. Elderberry - Antioxidant and immune boosting. Orange Peel - Vitamin C, gentle bitter, helps move toxins. This tea can also be used as an herbal steam, a quick and effective way to get moisture and medicine into your body.