happy honey with CBD
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happy honey with CBD

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A combination of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil with our raw, sustainable and sweet honey (miel), specially made by our honeybees and beekeepers.

A CBD dosing guide is included with our CBD products to help you find your unique dosage that's right for you.

We do not heat, process or filter our honey, allowing the beneficial enzymes to remain present in the honey and maintain its medicinal benefits.

9wt oz (6fl oz) 

10mg of CBD per Tbsp. in our 120mg jar

How to use: goes well with anything but pairs especially well with tea. CBD Honey is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high-just happy!

Ingredients: raw honey naturally contains floral essence, pollen, propolis, and wax, making it a superfood. Included as well is Full-spectrum CBD. Dosage: Effects vary from person to person. We advise that you ingest in small doses and work your way to your desired dose. 1mg to 5mg of CBD is a great base to start.


harvested on beekeeper Jessica Gonzalez's ten acre family farm located in the heart of the Central Valley of california