heal salve
heal salve
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heal salve

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We formulated this all-purpose salve to soothe your cuts and scrapes and give your skin an extra boost of moisture when under nourished.

Our Heal Salve starts with our organically grown calendula plants we harvest over Summer Solstice. Yarrow subtly enhances wound healing, while lavender calms irritated skin.

Apply anywhere that needs some extra love. Our favorite places to use are on lips, face and hands.

Comes in a 1 oz tin. Recycle after use.

all organic ingredients: calendula flowers, yarrow, lavender flowers, sunflower oil, beeswax.


“My partner and I bought this and although we have differing opinions on skin & body care products at times, we both agreed with the very first use that this is perfect. The aroma, the texture, your branding, we love it all.” -N.O.

“Ordered mine in anticipation of using it this fall & winter, but couldn’t help myself from dipping into it a couple times already. It smells so good and feels amazing.” -C.M.