summer camp soap
summer camp soap
summer camp soap
wild lather

summer camp soap

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This gently exfoliating, limited-run offering features notes of ripe, organic lime and vibrant bergamot swirled with smooth, grounding patchouli. When we close our eyes, it feels like summer camp - a warm sunrise, bare feet planted into the earth, and ripe citrus dripping down our arms. Breathe deeply ~


Additional Ingredients:


Kaolin Clay: All of our batches contain a rich swirl of this gently exfoliating mineral


Sustainably Wild Harvested Madder Root: We ground the dried roots of this herbaceous, vine-like plant to add a gentle exfoliation and speckled strawberry color to this triangle. The findings of numerous studies support its topical wound healing abilities. 

Saponified Organic Shea Butter, Organic Olive Oil, Fair Trade Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Camellia Oil, and Organic Castor Oil; Kaolin Clay; Sustainably Wild Harvested Madder Root; A Unique Blend of Steam-Distilled Essential Oils*


*Organic or Sustainably Wild Harvested


Vegan | Palm-Free | Cruelty-Free


3.0+ oz / 85+ g

RITUAL - Lather up + breathe deeply


Our small batch soaps are handcrafted and air-cured for one month. This time-honored method means triangles may vary in look. Please allow your soap to fully dry in between uses for a longer life span